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Part 4 – Lead Nurturing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could be educating your patients, building your authority, and staying top-of-mind all at the same time without actually having to do anything?

Yesterday we talked about how to get the email addresses of people likely to want to work with you but who weren’t quite ready to jump on your calendar yet. Now, that we have those email addresses we’ll create an email drip campaign for you that will accomplish three major things:

  1. Educate your potential patients
  2. Repel patients that aren’t a good fit for your practice
  3. Attract your ideal patients

By automating the patient lead nurturing process you:

  • Get a shorter sales cycle
  • Stop wasting time talking with unqualified patients
  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new patients

Most practices don’t have any process for nurturing leads and simply let people bounce off their websites with no way to follow up. They completely miss out on these patients even though it can represent over half of your clinic website’s traffic.

Whether you’re driving traffic organically or with paid ads, you’re harvesting more patients from the same traffic. Landing more patients with a lower cost of acquisition per patient puts you ahead of everyone else. In other words, this makes you much more profitable.

There’s one last piece to the puzzle. If you’re curious, check out part 5. There I’ll show you how all of this ties together so you never have to worry about your calendar ever again.

Keegan Singh

Keegan Singh

Keegan Singh

My name is Keegan Singh, and I founded PracticePop specifically to help private practices land local patients without feeling like they’re gambling their money with garden-variety web agencies.